Medical practices get a daily clean with vacuum cleaners and counter wipes but many practices and businesses overlook the furniture until the dirt is obvious. This is not good for the fabric’s longevity and, more importantly, will adversely affect the health of anyone using the space.

Here is an overview of best practices in upholstery cleaning for businesses.

Why Clean Upholstery Regularly

Cleaning upholstery is not merely an aesthetic goal; it is important for the lifespan of your assets. The longevity is due to the removal of physical dirt during the cleaning. When this is left in or on the fabric, it acts like mini sandpaper wearing away the surface of the material, whether it is vinyl, faux leather or other materials. 

As mentioned in the beginning, regular cleaning is very important for the health of everyone using the space. Furniture is a great hiding place for allergens, pollution and dust mites, just like your carpets and skirting board gaps. Avoid sinusitis, itchy eyes and skin irritations with a regular cleaning program.

So What Is A Regular Cleaning Schedule?

There is no silver bullet answer to this question. It depends on the number of visitors, your location and the amount of staff in your medical practice. 

If you have daily visitors, then your reception furniture should be wiped down daily, vacuumed once a week and professionally cleaned every six months. Carpets and rugs should be vacuumed daily and steam cleaned every six months. Doing so will add years to the item’s lifespan. This timing will apply to your staff furniture as well. If your visitors have more sensitive immune systems, then monthly professional cleaning of furniture and carpets should be considered. Some areas need more frequent cleaning.

Staff Redeployment

When a staff member moves to a new spot, it is important to give their workstations (old and new) a deep cleanse. This will include cleaning the desk’s nooks and crannies, drawer interiors, cubicle panels and desk chairs. 

Office Layout Reshuffle

When moving furniture around, it is also an excellent time to give the entire workstation a deep cleanse. Take some pieces apart so that difficult spots that are not normally reached can be cleaned.

Childcare & Healthcare Areas

As a medical practice, and especially a paediatric one, you will be particularly prone to having viruses and bacteria present. Therefore, your cleaning schedule is more frequent than standard businesses. There will be variations in your practice, for example, seating in your waiting room will need more frequent cleaning than a chair in an x-ray room.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture and carpet cleaning should always involve only small amounts of moisture. A damp rug or chair could encourage mould and fungus, especially if hot water is used. Metal frames are also not fans of moisture.

Be careful what you wipe your vinyl or faux leather (or leather) furniture with. Near-neutral cleaners are a better choice. A general cleaner that is too acidic or too alkaline will strip the layers of material off, creating bald patches or cracking.

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